Multiplayer FAQ

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Battle of Polytopia Multiplayer FAQ

This is a collection of the most frequently asked questions about the online multiplayer feature of the mobile strategy game The Battle of Polytopia.

Q: How do I find people to play multiplayer games with?

A: If you don't know anybody that plays Polytopia you can head over to the Discord Forum or our official facebook group to find some new friends.

You can also use #playpolytopia on Twitter.

Q: A multiplayer game says "waiting for the other player" on both me and my friends device.

A: Sometimes information get lost on the way. You can solve this by tapping the timer of the game and the the "reload" button in the top right corner of the alert box. If that does not work you need to clear the local game data by deleting and reintalling Polytopia.

Q: Hey! All my purchased tribes just disappeared!

A: Not to worry, they are around there somewhere.

On iOS just tap the "restore purchases" link at the bottom of the tribe picker screen.

On Android they should restore themselves if you are online when entering the tribe picker screen.

Make sure you are using the same Apple/Google account as when you made the purchase.


If you have any questions you can't find the answer to here, send an email to